Marco Caetano – Gratia Cantantes

Marco Caetano – Gratia Cantantes

Marco Caetano Producer and DJ, expert in the mixing techniques of the genres that extends from House and its sub-strings to Techno underground. Marco Caetano remains in the studio, where he released EPs for the record labels Elastic Dimension Records (UK), Society Music Recordings and Subwoofer Records (Italy), Crazy Friends Music, Ibérico Techno Label, Barcelona Beats Records, JJT Records, Black Turtle Records and Suicide Records (Spain), Duo Box Records (USA), Manicomio Music, Tic Tak Records (Mexico), Green Alien Records (Hungary) and also scheduled release dates on Paraiso Recordings and Chic Recordings (USA) and LDN Trax United Kingdom). The DJ / producer also had a story about their releases on Crazy Music Friends on the site of the Spanish record label, and had their set set up live on the radio of the Spanish label Black Turtle Records, on the Radio Zone of Dance of Spain, Realhousefm of the USA and Ncradio of France. Marco presents his work in an original format and today lives one of his most creative phases, and managing to create his identity in his productions.

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juillet 14th, 2018

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